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The PROFMUS application aims to create a knowledge base to manage the data collected on Portuguese musicians and the subsequent extraction and analysis of data subsets.

As this project considers a large amount of data from a wide time-period (from 1750 to 1985), it is necessary to guarantee a flexible scheme for the representation of objects and their relationships. The solution created for that purpose is therefore based on an ontology developed by researcher Maria João Albuquerque, using MediaWiki and Wikibase as core technology.

The application has been developed by the fellows from the PROFMUS project Luís Santos, Tiago Teixeira, and João Alexandre, students from Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon) and junior researchers at INESC-ID under the supervision of José Borbinha and Sofia Pinto.

The ontology defined for this purpose is under constant review, whose properties and object attributes are being established by the INET-md PROFMUS team, with the support of three fellows: Maria Fernandes, António Baptista, and Alejandro Reyes.

PROFMUS will allow flexible import and export of data, and sharing with other databases.

available soon
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